A Letter to Friends and Clients of Vocalabs

After 17 years of running Vocalabs, I've come to the realization that to serve our clients we need to be part of a larger platform. So we're joining forces with SERVICE800, a customer-experience company with nearly 30 years of experience and global operations in over 30 languages.

I've known the S800 team for many years, have worked with them in the past, and I have a lot of respect for quality of their work. I know Vocalabs clients will be well-served by this partnership.

In the near term I'm going to be working hard to make sure all our clients have a smooth transition. The passion for improving CX/UX which led me to found Vocalabs in 2001 has not dimmed, so while there will be some big changes for me, I will continue to work with Vocalabs clients to help them improve their Customer Experience every day.

It's been a long and sometimes surprising journey to this point, and more than anything else the wonderful relationships I've built over the years have made it worthwhile. The one thing I'm sure about is that the road ahead will have more unexpected twists and turns, and it's likely to be just as rewarding.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, and you can learn more about S800 on their website: https://www.service800.com/


Peter U. Leppik
Vocal Laboratories Inc.

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