Actionable Feedback for Your Whole Team

Front Line Employees

Front line employees can't always see how their behavior affects customers. Days can fly by in a blur and all the human interactions can blend together. Vocalabs gives employees direct customer feedback, in the customer's own voice, minutes after contact. Providing voice of the client feedback directly and quickly to frontline employees in a timely manner helps them improve their performance and deliver a better customer experience.

Hearing the actual voice to the customer helps front-line employees better understand what customers want and how they can be better served. Vocalabs provides immediate access to interview recordings — either directly to front-line employees or through coaches, managers or supervisors. We’d be happy to chat about ways we’ve helped front line employees hear the voice of the customer.

"Cellular South switched to Vocalabs' Express Feedback for satisfaction surveys in our call center in order to get real-time feedback on the metrics most important to our business. The robust reports let us clearly determine how we can improve our customer service levels in specific areas and take action in a timely way."

Jeff Richardson
Director, Customer Advocacy
Cellular South

How Are You Doing?

We can assess your current customer feedback program to understand your organization's needs and survey process maturity. This is a smart place to begin.
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