Services Overview

Services Overview

Measure and improve the customer experience through real-time feedback

Vocalabs specializes in building effective customer feedback programs designed to measurably improve the customer experience. We provide feedback to executives, managers, analysts, and front-line staff in real-time, and provide the tools and expertise to ensure ongoing improvement.

Vocalabs' unique capabilities maximize the effectiveness of your customer feedback:

  • Immediate Live Interviews: We can contact customers within minutes and ask detailed questions about their customer experience. Live interviews yield high response rates, high quality data, and a positive brand impression.
  • Hybrid Automated and Live Surveys: We have the unique capability to combine automated online surveys with immediate phone interviews. This lets you target the most in-depth feedback to where it will be most valuable.
  • Real Time Reporting: We provide all survey data and call recordings in real-time through a web-based reporting system. Custom scheduled e-mail reports ensure that everyone gets the information they need, when needed.
  • Distributed Report Access: At Vocalabs, we believe that the majority of front-line employees genuinely want to serve the customer. Giving everyone immediate access to their own survey data enables them to discover ways to improve.
  • Full-Length Interview Recordings: Every Vocalabs interview includes a full-length audio recording, a powerful tool for training and coaching. Hearing the voice of the customer dramatically increases the credibility of customer feedback.

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